Did you know that some of the first Promotional Products ever made came about during the election time of our very first President George Washington? The commemorative buttons that were handed out during Washington’s election/inauguration in 1789 were flashy, attention getting and have long been known as the “Hit” of the party. It was on or around that time that business’s throughout the USA began to realize that giving a little something away with their name on it would be essential in creating brand identity, loyalty, and return and repeat customers. A simple cheap magnet will literally “Hang” around for years with dozens and dozens of repeat eye balls looking and reading it. An imprinted coffee cup will not only wake your customers up every day but provide ample brand reinforcement throughout its lifespan. Well, we sure have come a long way since the days of George Washington. With that being said though the one thing that has remained is the need to create brand awareness with your business in order to see it thrive the way you would like it to! The most important aspect of creating this identity is by being creative and and selecting the best in quality imprinted items. These imprinted promotional items we are talking about do not need be expensive promotional products and in fact often times cheap promotional products like for example a simple Purell hand sanitizer will cheer up the whole medical center. Along these same lines, a nice cheap wine glass to give away in your tasting room will leave a lasting impression with your customers. In the car dealership or auto body shop, an emergency road kit will keep people coming back again and again. At the country club, some nice imprinted golf balls will ensure your members choose to buy from you and not the place down the street. is massive and our backbone is supported by over 4,300 unique suppliers and over 800,000 unique promotional products! Our spectrum of products ranges from cheap promotional items like promotional magnets, polo shirts & promo pens to other mid range stuff like business promotional items and trade show giveaways. Whether you are a winery looking for a corkscrew, a national park looking for flashlights, a hospital looking for lanyards, or just your every day business looking for imprinted promo items, we have what you need! So what are you waiting for? Get in there and start shopping!